Custom Printing Services in New York City

Many people Google it, search for it, and look for it in the oddest places, and it’s right here in Manhattan at Sheer Print Solutions’ custom printing services.

In fact, it’s not custom printing services they’re looking for at all (no such thing, really). What they’re really looking for is a printer that has outstanding visual displays, bindery, and die-cut & turned-edge capabilities.

These requirements are nothing out of the ordinary for the professionals at Sheer Print Solutions. For our clients, we regularly produce presentation cases, displays, rounded promotional units, side-stitched books, perfect-bound books, magnetic printed pieces, multimedia units in the oddest configurations, and more!

One stop by our showroom will amaze the most seasoned professional. Please give us a call 212.627.1500 and tell us about your project. Chances are we know how to satisfy you most creative endeavors.