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Digital printing services in NYC have never been better.

At Sheer Print Solutions, we utilize the speed and power of digital printing for small jobs and those which require a quick turnaround. As NYC’s premier printing service, we operate in a New York Minute, when you need a job done fast.

When a short-run is needed, digital printing is more cost-effective and can produce similar high-quality documents. One major benefit is the ability to print a sample for approval before a job gets started.  At Sheer Print Solutions, we include this as part of our normal workflow process at no additional cost to you.

Digital Printing Presses

We print with high-end Konica, Indigo, and iGenXL digital presses to produce the very best quality possible with digital printing. In addition, we calibrate our digital presses on a daily basis in order to assure color accuracy and repeatability.

Digital printing makes the whole process of printing simpler and easier, and allows for faster turnaround than the traditional offset method.

Advantages of Digital Printing

Whereas offset printing – and other analog printing processes – require setting up printing plates for each job, digital printers are ready-made to get started on your next job.

Digital printing offers quick turnarounds because there is almost no set up. And, the quality of digital printing in recent years has skyrocketed, making this more advanced printing technique increasingly popular for many types of jobs.

Types of Digital Printing:

  • Sheet-Fed Production Printers – These are your standard digital printers fed with reams of paper in varying sizes. Most standard copy jobs and print jobs on regular paper are done through these types of printers.
  • Cut-Sheet Digital Press – A digital printer with a continuous feed of paper. The printer has a mechanism that cuts the paper roll to the needed length for any print job.

Process of Digital Printing Services

Step 1: Give Us Your File

Our print professionals get to work sizing and optimizing the file or files for your print job to make sure they come out right the first time.

Step 2: PDF Proof

Upon receiving the file from the client, we provide a free PDF proof for approval.  If changes are necessary, we provide additional proofs. Our skilled print technicians understand getting the proof right as soon as possible gets your job quickly to the next step in the process.

Step 3: Printing Proof

After the PDF file is approved, the file goes directly to print with a digitally printed proof for final approval. This step ensures that not only the proof is correct, but that it will print exactly as you had hoped. Final revisions to the proof take place here before your job moves into production.

Step 4: Digital Print Production

We establish a schedule for start time and pick up, and move forward to deliver on our promise for timeliness and quality, no matter how large the job.

Once your high-quality digital printing is done, we prepare it for pick up, or ship it out immediately, depending on the customer’s individual needs.

If you need quality, on-time digital printing services in NYC, we’re Sheer, and we’re here for you!

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