On-Demand Printing Services in New York City

In the world of, “I need it tomorrow, I only need 200 and the quality must be great,” on-demand printing in New York City has a huge fan base. Our Print On Demand digital print technology in Manhattan is used and prints items for a fixed cost per copy, regardless of the size of the order. While the unit price on-demand book printing is higher than offset printing, the average cost is lower for very small print runs, because setup costs are much higher for offset printing.

Utilized today by industries and businesses large and small, on-demand printing services has become a cost-effective, timely way of delivering small quantity high-quality printing without all the set up charges associated with sheet-fed offset printing.

On-Demand printing services have other business benefits besides lower costs:

  • Technical set-up is usually quicker than for offset printing.
  • Large inventories of a book, pamphlet & print material do not need to be kept in stock, reducing storage, handling costs, and inventory accounting costs.
  • There is little or no waste from unsold products.

Digital printing technology is ideally suited to publish small print runs of posters (often as a single copy) brochures; postcards, promotional items and PURL (personal url) based mailings as and when they are needed. The introduction of UV-curable inks for large format inkjet printers also has allowed artists, photographers and owners of image collections to take advantage of printing on demand.

The Advantages of Printing on Demand

A fundamental advantage of using digital on-demand printing services over traditional methods is that small quantities can be produced quickly and cost-effectively.

As a result, printing on demand eliminates costly warehouse storage while accommodating updates that keep printed information current. Yet, some print buyers still need to see for themselves that the economical short-runs and fast turnarounds of digital color presses result in the quality they demand.

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