Non-profit marketing is an integral part of any non-profit organization’s budget. It is through these marketing campaigns that your organization can tell the world about your cause, goals, and mission. Having a strong print marketing campaign can help benefit your nonprofit organization in many ways.

How a Non-Profit Company Can Benefit from Print Marketing

While spreading your message is one of the most important parts of any marketing campaign, there are additional benefits to using print marketing products in your non-profit marketing campaign.

Help Create Awareness

One of the most critical steps in any marketing campaign is spreading awareness of who your company is and your purpose. When soliciting donations or financial support, it is imperative to communicate your mission to your supporters.

Help Solicit Donations

Targeted and personalized marketing pieces can engage potential supporters making them feel they have a role and are part of a larger plan. The point of marketing is to encourage consumers to act and for non-profit companies that typically means donating money.

Ramp Up Your Fundraising Efforts

With the ever-increasing number of solicitations that bombard consumers each and every day online and in the mail, it’s important to stand out to make sure that your message stands out. To make sure you can meet your fundraising goals you will need to provide your supporters with information that attracts their attention and compels them to act.

What Type of Marketing Pieces Work Best for Non-Profit Marketing?

Choosing the right marketing collateral is an essential part of developing your non-profit marketing campaign. While there are many print services offered to help non-profit organizations reach their goals, there are types that can work together to get your message across and attract supporters.

  • Signage – Signs are a great way to promote the awareness stage of a non-profit company’s brand identity Well-printed signage can be a great way to get your name in front of an audience so they will recognize it later during the marketing process.
  • Brochures, Pamphlets, and Flyers – Printed brochures and flyers can help educate possible supporters with information about your cause and goals so that they know where their support will benefit.
  • Direct Mail Pieces – Direct mail print pieces are a great way to make a final personalized call to action to supporters you have gathered for your list compelling them to donate.

How to Choose a Print Vendor for Your Marketing Needs

When choosing a printer for your non-profit marketing material, it is important that you find a printer that can deliver the quality you need so that your piece gets the notice it deserves.

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