Invitation Printing Services in New York City

Emailed invitations do not produce the same response rate as do well-printed custom design invitations. A few years ago many companies in an effort to save money switched to email as their method of sending corporate invitations to invite people to their events. This did not produce the same response, and so they are slowly returned to the conventional method of printed invitations.

Over the years we have printed everything from simple invitations and RSVP packages to complicated creatively inspired event packages. Our expert printing staff can help you construct, design or just guide you through your next project. We are the best invitation printing company in NYC.

Standard Templates

  • A7 envelope (Invite envelope)
  • A2 envelope (RSVP return envelope)
  • Standard 5” x 7” Card Invite
  • Standard 10” x 7” Folded Invite
  • Standard 4” x 5 1/2” RSVP card

corporate Invitation Printing NYC





How do I print invitations?

You can print invitations at Sheer Print Solutions. Email [email protected] for more information.


How do I print a PDF invitation?

You can print a PDF invitation by saving the file as a PDF and then send to Sheer Print Solutions for commercial printing at [email protected]


What format is best for printing invitations?

The best format to use for printing invitations is PDF.


Is it cheaper to print invitations at home?

It may be cheaper to print at home but it may be more complicated. Between sizing it correctly and making sure it prints the way you want it to look, it can get messy. It may be worth hiring a professional.