Most people see wrapping paper for boxes or bags as a minor obstacle that must be overcome before a gift can be opened and enjoyed, but savvy professionals know that even seemingly innocuous products can be used to build a brand. Custom wrapping paper that features your logo, message or images is a great marketing tool because it associates your company with generosity and gift-giving in a very cost-efficient way. The gifts you send say a lot about your company, and so does the way you wrap them.

Show Appreciation with Custom, Personalizd Wrapping Paper Printed Sheets

You put a great deal of thought into choosing the gifts you send during the holiday season and say thank you at other times of the year. Because of that, it only makes sense to see that your message is delivered as powerfully as possible. The rewards far outweigh the modest cost of custom wrap paper it can provide, and the benefits from these paper gifts include:

  • Telling them you care: Thoughtful gifts sent to celebrate holidays, events, and milestones allow companies to thank individuals and organizations. These gifts tell people that the work they do is valued and appreciated. Using custom wrapping paper underlines and reinforces this message.
  • Providing a finishing touch: The way a gift is packaged and wrapped says a lot about how much regard the giver has for the recipient. Using custom gift wrap adds a layer of personalization and provides the finishing touch to this perfect gift.
  • Standing out from the crowd: Many businesses send gifts to their most valued clients, suppliers and vendors during the holiday season, and most of these gifts are then placed under trees or put on tables in offices. Wrapping your gifts in custom paper that bears your logo or message makes them stand out from the crowd in the weeks and days leading up to a holiday or event, and it tells onlookers that you went the extra mile.
  • Customizing for the recipient: If you are sending several gifts to a company you do business with, you may wish to have a sheet of wrapping paper printed that bears your logo along with a personalized thank-you message. This extra degree of customization tells gift recipients that you went out of your way for them.
  • Nurturing loyalty and enthusiasm: If you are planning to give gifts to your valued employees, as well as people you do business with, you could use custom wrapping paper to strengthen company culture, foster camaraderie and build loyalty.

Custom Wrapping Paper Manufacturer

Sheer Print Solutions has been satisfying the printing needs of demanding New York businesses for three decades. We make it easy for you to design perfect wrapping paper solutions that will make your corporate gifts really stand out. You can add your logo to an existing design or create your own custom wrapping paper from scratch. Once you have decided how you want your custom wrapping paper to look, we can quickly and inexpensively get it printed for you. See the following:

  • Logos: Your standard logo can be printed on custom wrapping paper, or we can help you to modify it with elements that tie in to holidays or celebrations. A popular way of doing this is adding snow to logos on christmas gift wrapping during the holiday season. However, you could also use hearts or turkeys for Valentine’s Day or Thanksgiving gift wrap. The possibilities are endless.
  • Photo gift wrap: Adding images to custom wrapping could make your gifts completely eye catching. Also, the image could correlate with what is in the package or convey what the recipient means to you.
  • Personalized wrapping paper: Printed wrapping featuring a personal message from the giver to the recipient can put custom wrapping paper over the top. You can either use your standard typeface, or we can help you to choose a font more suitable for the occasion.
  • Colors: Colors speak volumes, and the ones you choose for your custom wrapping paper can tie in to your brand marketing or reflect the occasion.
  • Offset printing: Offset or lithography printing is used for larger custom gift wrap runs as it is more cost effective. At Sheer Printing Solutions, we use the computer-to-plate system on paper stocks, as it improves quality and saves money.
  • Digital printing: While digital printing is not as economical as offset printing, it is an ideal solution for smaller runs of paper print. There is also less setup involved, which could be important if you have a holiday or celebration coming up and need custom wrapping paper to be printed quickly.

Dedicated to Customer Service

If you want to make your corporate gifts more memorable and special with custom wrapping paper, you can be assured that our representatives and technicians will do all that they can to ensure the finished product matches your vision. We have been helping our clients stand out since 1970, and we will do our part to see that your custom printed gifts are high quality, cherished and remembered. If you would like a quote or get more information about our custom wrapping paper services, please contact us using our online form or call us at (212) 627-1500 today.