Given so much of the information we generate is digital in today’s world, don’t assume traditional printing is a diminishing commodity. Today, medical journal printing services remain strong for many reasons.

Medical Journals and Scientific Publications

Medical research findings are often found in scientific and medical journals are published both digitally and in print. The size and scope varies from several pages to many volumes. Medical journal printing services need to be of high quality and durable, yet affordable. Short run digital printing is often used for publications for medical conferences and seminars. Often, requests come in last minute and our medical journal printing company is accustomed to working with our customers to affect fast turnarounds on critical publications.

Continuing Medical Education (Print for CME)

Print for CME (Continuing Medical Education) is an integral part of our medical journal printing services. Doctors, nurses and practitioners of all disciplines need to constantly refresh their knowledge base, sharpen their skills and learn about new procedures, treatments, technologies and techniques. Courseware, workbooks, brochures, studies, anthologies all require a print vendor who can handle any job, small and large – some with many moving parts (inserts, versions, volumes etc.).

Print for Clinical Trials

Medical research and clinical trials go hand in hand. Clinical Trials and Patient and Physician recruitment require clinical research study materials and related print services. The expertise of our medical journal printing company means on time delivery despite shorter study development time-lines at reduced costs and minimized risk. Print services include CRF binders, mini protocols, IND’, NDAs and other clinical materials.

Medical Conferences

Presentations at conferences and conventions require physical copies of the pertinent information. Handouts, report binders, clinical reports all fall under the proviso of our core competencies. Also for tradeshow booths, booth banners, brochures, tent cards, charts and presentation decks as well as promotional products are all staples.


Marketing is also essential in research. You need subjects, sponsors and public support in order to make any medical research project viable. Printed advertising to get subjects, brochures indicating the work your organization does and mailing for research grants and other types of sponsorships are all vital parts of your work. Without these, you would not have what you need to complete your projects.

How We Help

Sheer Print Solutions has gained a reputation as a leading medical journal printing company for providing everything the medical research industry needs in the way of printing. We print banners, reports, clinical protocols, manuals and the like in support of your venture. Ask and we will handle your project, regardless of the size.

Our reputation has made us one of the leading medical journal printing services in the New York City area. This is a result of our dedication to providing quick, professional service. Our medical journal printing company staff is knowledgeable regarding your needs. We are always willing to answer questions and work with you so that you get exactly what you need. We also know that time is important in your work and we pride ourselves on our ability to meet tight deadlines while still supplying quality products.

Contact us today to discuss our medical journal printing services. Ask questions, request a quote or simply get to know what our journal printing company can offer. We value our customers and would be honored to count you among them.