Booklet Printing in New York City

The best custom booklet printing services in NYC and Manhattan, which include catalogs, directories, guides, manuals and handbooks, can now be affordably created in astonishingly low quantities. We offer offset printing in NYC for booklets in large quantities or digitally custom-printed booklets in smaller quantities.

Besides the standard binding options such as Saddle Stitching, Coil, Wire-O, perfect binding, etc., our commercial booklet printing company offers other printing services, like banner, large format, and poster printing as well.

Bulk & Short Run Booklet Printing

Whether you need a bulk or a short run booklet, we can help! With our digital process, you can skip most of the expenses involved with printing. That means you can afford to print a booklet regardless of how many – or how few – copies you need.

Differences between Leaflets, Flyers and Brochures

Leaflets, flyers and brochures are all forms of marketing. But do you understand the differences between them?

In a nutshell, leaflets are a fancier version of a flyer. They are often printed on more elegant paper and tend to cost a bit more. You’ll enjoy enhanced design elements, and the leaflet will become a fantastic way to impress your audience.

A flyer is the best way to get the word out without spending as much money. They tend to be more general and are intended to be read, absorbed and then thrown away.

If you want to ensure that people truly understand your vision, you can turn to a brochure. A brochure provides the most room to expand upon certain topics and it has a much longer shelf life than a leaflet or flyer. You can choose a bi-fold or tri-fold design, along with pictures and captions.

Binding Options for Booklets

As mentioned above, there are a variety of binding options to choose from, including perfect binding, Wire-O, coil and Saddle Stitching.

Perfect Binding – As a soft cover binding, this provides a lower quality cover than case binding. Fortunately, it’s ideal for marketing materials and much cheaper, too!

Wire-O – Similar to spiral binding, the Wire-O can be opened and flipped without causing any damage. Wire-O also lays flat when opened.

Saddle Stitching – When you want to keep a smaller number of papers together, your choice should be Saddle Stitching! This is a great way to keep your costs down.

Coil – Coil binding has become one of the most popular options available. The coil has some bounce back and is very inexpensive.

Booklet Printing FAQs

Q: How long does printing take?

A: Each type of binding affects the overall length of printing. However, our team has been hard at work since 1970 and knows exactly how to turn your product around as quickly as possible.

Q: Why should we choose Sheer Print Solutions?

A: We offer custom booklet printing in NYC. We truly understand the need for speed, and we provide the best prices in the city.

Call us at 212-627-1500 x210 for a quick estimate on your project.

Booklet Printing

Booklet Printing