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Printed posters have always been a powerful tool for communicating — educational posters, political posters, inspirational posters, advertising posters for movies, concerts, and sporting events. Posters can evoke a wide range of emotional responses, they are a great tool to engage your audience and get your message out there!

Poster Printing in NYC

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Sheer Print Solutions is your go-to Offset & Digital Printing Company NYC for all your custom poster printing needs! Our professional poster printing services ensure our clients receive the best-printed poster by always checking for resolution and color quality, and never missing a deadline. Event posters, easel-back posters, travel posters, logo posters — we do them all!

Why You Need Poster Printing in NYC

Data Proves People Remember Print Over Digital

Data shows that print material is remarkably effective when it comes to memory, it is imperative to have poster printing for your business. Sheer Print Solutions offers a variety of print materials including sintra, gatorboard, foam core, lamination and more. People will remember you better with poster printing.

Communication is Effective with Physical Materials and Visuals

To communicate an event effectively, having an ad someone can physically touch and visually observe will help potential customers retain the information. Posters with great content can boost an emotional connection within your potential customer which leads them to remember and take action. It helps effectively communicate the message.

Presents Professionalism

If you are a business owner or healthcare professional, printing a poster with informative content could create professionalism, keep employees and patients informed and could give you more respect from those that walk in.

Poster Finishing & Mounting:

Poster printing allows you to enlarge your content from one page to bigger sized materials. There are a variety of materials one can use to print posters. Sheer Print Solutions offer the following:

Sintra –

Sintra posters are long-lasting and economical. They are printed on white PVC boards using UV ink printing technology. They can be used for advertising or photo printing. Sintra prints can be customized into any shape and printed in any color or design.


Gatorboards are designed to be strong and durable. This is achieved through its materials, polystyrene foam that is in between wood fiber veneer and melamine. Instead of customary paper surrounding the foam, gatorboard has wood fiber veneer that is infused with resin which helps prevent stains and water damage.

Foam Core

We offer print finishing services such as (white, various thicknesses!)- Foam Core is used for mounting images directly onto a foam core board with a matte paper surface. Foam core is an easily cut material and lightweight that can be used for photographs, making scale models and picture framing.


(we offer High-Gloss, Matte, Satin, etc.)- Lamination is the process of bonding clear plastic film onto printed matter. It is used to protect the print from any damage.


Easel backs are sturdy stands to mount your printed image or advertisement.

Wire-Hang Back

Wire- hang backs are great for mounting a picture or poster on the wall. They are easy to use as you just need a hook to mount the piece.

Scientific / Medical Research Poster

Scientific/ Medical Research Posters are offered here at Sheer Print Solutions for any hospital, office or research centers.

Sheer Print Solutions offers a variety of quality products at affordable prices. If you want to stand out amongst the rest, get your poster printed today at Sheer Print Solutions! To learn more about our poster printing services and prices click here to get a free quote. We look forward to working with you.