Printing Services for Lawyers

In the legal world, documentation is everything. Booklets, photographic evidence, and presentations are all ways lawyers and legal professionals make their case in court, and those materials should be printed perfectly every time and on time.

At Sheer Print Solutions, we provide what every law firm and lawyer needs – consistency. Our printing professionals bring their years of experience to every print job, no matter the format, and no matter the size.

Legal Presentation Printing

When printing large legal presentations, images and text need to be crystal clear for the courtroom to see. Whether on large notepads, poster board, or projector transparencies, legal professionals can only count on getting it right the first time. In important legal cases, a poorly-printed presentation could work against you in front of the judge.

And, we can mount large prints onto a variety of durable materials including:

  • Foam core
  • Gatorboard
  • Sintra
  • Easel-back

High-Quantity Printing

Sometimes legal reports and opinions can be hundreds of pages long. Given how important these documents are before, during, and after a case, you can’t afford to be hit with a printer jam when those documents are needed.

Our high-capacity printing capabilities are tested and proven again and again with each large-capacity legal printing job. When you need several large booklets printed quickly, you can send us a file through our Web-2-Print interface and place an order for pick-up.

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Legal Letterhead Printing

Many lawyers’ offices have crisp letterhead for written and printed communications. In most cases a finer paper than standard white letter-sized paper.

From fine woven textures to parchment styles – and everything in between – our paper stock is chock-full of high-quality options.

Delivery Print Services

Don’t have time to get to the printers? Order your print job online, and have it delivered to your office on time, every time.

The Sheer Guarantee

We’ve been in the business for over 35 years as New York City’s premier print service. Our value is in working around your schedule while remaining in budget and on time.

Whether your printing needs are simple or complex, our technicians are ready to take anything on. We can consult on design, format, and materials to create print solutions that really pop, and we’ll even deliver proofs to your door because like you, we work on the New York Minute.

Contact Sheer today so we can get to work working for you.

The Sheer Difference