Custom Package Printing Services in NYC & Manhattan

We work closely with many finishers nationwide. From turned edge-packaging products to those constructed from paper, board, metal, or Lucite, Sheer Print Solutions has the relationships and the resources to make custom packaging printing products come together.

In many cases, we can make prototypes that reproduce production styles. Afterward, we can give templates to your design staff. Once this happens, the design staff can place the art into a working model that better guarantees proper bleed, finish and fit.

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Why we are your best custom packaging partner?

Our commitment to excellence ensures that your products not only stand out on the shelves but also resonate deeply with your target audience, enhancing brand visibility and appeal.

1.    Expert Printing and Packaging Services

Our team comprises industry experts who excel in printing and packaging services, offering personalized consultation and scalable solutions to fit your budget. We assist you in selecting the right materials and designs that reflect your brand’s ethos and market positioning. Whether you are looking for eco-friendly options or innovative designs, our staff guides you through every step, ensuring your packaging is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

2.    Design Accuracy with Digital Templates

To maintain the integrity of your visual branding, we provide digital templates of approved designs, ensuring precise alignment and placement of your creative elements and graphics. This critical step prevents inconsistencies and helps streamline the production process, making our packaging printing services highly efficient. These templates are tailored to facilitate easy updates and iterations, allowing for flexibility in your marketing campaigns.

3.    Sustainable Custom Packaging Solutions

Our custom packaging solutions and custom printing service are designed with sustainability at the core. We offer a variety of materials, including recyclable paper, biodegradable board, and reusable plastic substrates, contributing to a reduced environmental footprint. As a forward-thinking printing and packaging company, we continually explore new materials and processes that meet stringent sustainability standards without compromising on durability or design quality.

4.    Cost-Effective Custom Package Printing

Understanding the need for cost-efficiency, especially in competitive markets, our packaging printing services are structured to offer the best value for your investment. We optimize our production processes to reduce waste and pass the savings onto you, ensuring that each project is as affordable as it is high-quality. Trust us to deliver cost-effective packaging solutions that enhance your product presentations, attract customers, and grow your brand recognition.

Sheer Print Solutions in NYC has an extensive array of custom packaging product solutions, all uniquely designed to fit your budget and organizational needs. Categories of custom package print solutions we provide include:

Signature Boxes

You can send your packaging product in style to your customers with SPS’s line of sleek, customizable boxes. Several vivid and eye-catching designs are available, and box orders can be fulfilled in small or large quantities. Learn more about it here.

Custom Printed Boxes by Sheer Print Solutions


We can help you capture your promotional products all in one custom designed multimedia package. CD and DVD package printing services in NYC & Manhattan enables you to share and market your multimedia to your customers. Learn more about multimedia packaging here.

Multi-Media Printed Packaging


Tall and short display boxes show off products in the most mesmerizing and effective ways. They are especially popular among retail shops and grocery store owners. Learn more about displays here

Printed Promotional Product Displays

Turned Edge Packaging

From boxes and bellybands to flash drive cases and beauty product holders, we have seen them all. Turned edge packaging is an especially good fit for branding, press release kits, concert promotion, custom binders and information packaging. Learn more about Turned Edge Packaging here.

Turned Edge Printed Packaging

Custom Package Printing Products

Are you looking for the best company in NYC & Manhattan to handle your custom packaging printing project without a lot of muss and fuss? Well, look no further because Sheer Print Solutions is located nearby and ready to serve you. Excellent and rush printing services; we are the go-to guys in the Big Apple for all your custom packaging printing needs.

Other packaging printing companies in NYC & Manhattan may shy away from difficult package printing jobs, but not Sheer Print Solutions. In fact, we pride ourselves on successfully handling any unique and challenging specialty packaging printing that comes our way. We are the premier choice for design and print buying professionals with over three decades of custom package printing services under our belt.


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Best Custom Packaging NYC, Bar None

Customers demand the best when it comes to their creations, and what they want from a package print service is no exception. To answer that demand, our experienced team at Sheer Print Solutions in NYC utilizes the right tools and technology to breathe life into our customer’s custom packaging printing.

This perfect combination of talent and experience is why our company can solve creative package printing challenges and achieve stellar results. Our ability to customize our customer’s ideas is our strength!

Whether you are looking to create customized print collateral or innovative sales and marketing materials, Sheer Print Solutions is dedicated to providing high-quality custom packaging in NYC.

We have a vast knowledge of different styles of packaging, various types of paper and can incorporate multimedia into kits and print presentation units. All this experience and expertise make us the authority on special projects.

Since Sheer Print Solutions has specialized in this area of custom packaging solutions for some time, you get the added benefit of superior products at very low prices.

Custom Packaging Results

Sheer Print has the best custom packaging in NYC, but don’t just take our word for it!

“The Hunter Fan project went very well and we are optimistic that we will gain the account. I had one opportunity to glance at other mock packaging and I can tell you with much confidence that your work was leaps and bounds above the rest. More details won’t be available until after the first of the year, but as I said we are very optimistic. I wanted to the thank you both and your team for all of the outstanding work you provided on this project. I know it was not an easy task. You truly did an exceptional job and exceeded our expectations.”

Lena H.

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If you don’t see the custom packaging printing solution you are looking for on the list, call Sheer Print Solutions at 212.627.1500 for an appointment and visit our showroom. You can also request a quote online. We have hundreds of these completed custom packaging solutions on display in NYC for you and your creative team to view. We also want to hear about any unconventional creations that no one’s heard about yet so that we can work on making them a reality.  Contact us today to learn more about our custom packaging services!