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Working in the hospitality industry, you will find yourself requiring print services and materials in a variety of situation. Our hotel industry printing services can help provide the materials and products you need for customer service as well as advertising your services. What are the needs of your business? How can Sheer Print help?

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Printing Needs for Hotels & the Hospitality Industry

Every industry is different and comes with its own set of printing needs. Request a quote from Sheer Print Solutions to address your printing needs. Some printing products that Sheer Print can provide and that are most used in the hospitality industry include:

Company Forms

Printed materials used for day to day operations in the hospitality industry are carbonless forms. Throughout the day you may utilize check-in forms, maintenance orders, purchase requisitions, invoices, and receipts. While many company forms are now printed on demand from a station printer, forms that require multiple copies will need to be acquired from a print company.

Internal and External Signage

Throughout restaurants, hotels, lodges, and venues, signage will play an important role in identifying locations, providing emergency information, displaying specials, and promoting your brand. Additionally, you will most likely need to procure small signage, such as door hangers for rooms and name plates for doors.

Menus and Table Tents

Whether you are running a large catering service, venue hall, restaurant, or hotel, you will find yourself in need of menus and table tent printed pieces. Table tents are utilized in many functions, such as identifying food on a buffet, announcing specials in a restaurant, or providing important numbers for hotel staff and services.

Promotional Products

Promotional products are a great way to get your name out to customers and have them share it with others. Hotel vendors often provide their guests with their own branded pens for convenience as well as advertising. If you run a large venue, such as a wedding hall or catering business, you will want to make sure to have promotional material bearing your name for takeaways at bridal shows and other trade events. It is at these type of events where you will want to stand out as there will be a lot of competition vying for your customers as well.


In the hospitality industry, customer service is one of the most important jobs. Stationery products will help to provide that personal link between your company and the customer. These types of products can include thank you cards, customer comment cards, notepads, letterhead, and stationery envelopes to send offers or allow customers to use for correspondence.

Marketing Pieces

Getting your name out to your target market is important for any company, but for those in the hospitality market, the audience is typically much broader. Using printed marketing materials such as flyers and postcards to notify your customers of services, events, and special offers is a great way to provide your customer with information while advertising your business.

Hospitality Industry Printing Services

If you are looking for printed material and want a customer oriented printer who can produce a high-quality product quickly and reliably, look no further than Sheer Print Solutions. Contact them at 212-627-1500 or fill out the online quote form today.

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