Why Utilize Subscription Based Printed Products

Subscription-based print products are one of the longest-running forms of printed advertising and marketing and for a good reason. In our ever-expanding technological world, products that customers can touch, feel and hold, help them keep that physical connection with what they are reading. Aside from the basic physical nature of subscription-based pieces, there are many benefits to utilizing these type of marketing materials for your business.

Customers Feel Mailed Pieces Are More Personal

Recent surveys have shown that more than 70% of people feel that marketing they get in the mail brings a more personal feel than those received in an electronic format. When customers feel the piece is more personal they are more likely to engage with the company.

Printed Subscription Pieces Stay Around Longer

A printed subscription piece will have a significantly longer shelf life than email marketing or other forms of advertising. Customers are likely to keep the piece around and probably flip through it at least a couple of times if not read through the whole thing. This will help to keep your product or service in your customer’s mind on a regular basis.

Customers and Users Will Get Repeated Exposure

When a printed piece is part of a subscription service, this will ensure that the customer or subscriber is repeatedly exposed to information you are trying to present them with. They may even come to depend on the regularity of the piece and look forward to receiving it. By anticipating it, they will be more likely to engage with it.

Popular Examples of Printed Subscription Products

While a printed subscription product can be defined as any printed material that the customer has requested to receive on a regular basis, some of the most popular types of subscription pieces utilized by businesses include:

  • Mail Order Catalogs
  • Literary and Poetry Magazines
  • Monthly Membership Updates
  • Monthly Calendars of Events
  • Parent Outreach Pieces for Schools
  • Coupon Books
  • Member Newsletters
  • Gym Class Schedules
  • Meal Kit Subscription Menus

Choose a Knowledgeable Printer for Your Printed Subscription Needs

When creating products for a printed subscription service it is imperative that you choose a knowledgeable printer who can help guide you through the ever-changing postal regulation to ensure that your piece can be mailed at the best rate possible. Additionally, you will want to choose a printer that provides fulfillment services and can meet the deadlines you need to keep your pieces arriving at the customer when they should.

If you are interested in learning more about subscription printed materials or would like to request a quote, contact the experienced staff at Sheer Print Solutions at 212-627-1500. Sheer Print Solutions will use their expertise to provide you with affordable, high quality printed pieces, in the turn around time that you need.

Subscription Based Printing Services