Finishing Services: A Critical Part of The Printing Process

Sheer Print Solutions’ print finishing services are the best in Manhattan, NYC. The ability to finish any given printing project is what makes us the best print finishing company in NY. Just about every print project requires some form of bindery. Whether you need velo binding, foil stamping or saddle-stitch binding, our NYC team has you covered with the equipment to expedite your print finishing project with accuracy and proficiency.

Sheer Print Solutions Print Finishing Services Offered:

  • Cutting – Clean cutting means your printing project will look more professional
  • Folding – Clear folds maintain straight lines
  • Collating – Printing in the proper order, especially for books and packets
  • Stapling – High-quality stapling seals your books and pamphlets together securely
  • 3 Hole Drilling – Our industrial paper drills create clean holds for binders and other delivery methods
  • 3 Ring Binding – We use only the best 3-ring binding materials for a hold that will last
  • Numbering – Placing numbers on the margins of your pages, wherever you need them
  • Scoring – This process creates small bends in paper for proper folding
  • Perforating – If you need pages to be easily torn from your project, we can create expert perforation
  • Laminating – Plastic coverings for pages help them last through the elements – especially for documents that need to be waterproof
  • Padding – This binding technique uses a flexible adhesive, like a notepad or memo book, to bind pages together
  • Saddle Stitching – This common binding technique pushes a wire staple through the fold of several pages
  • Spiral Binding – Like spiral notebooks, spiral binding is a method of holding pages together with a metal or plastic spiral tube being fed through perforated holes
  • Wire Comb Binding – These black plastic bindings feed through square holes made in paper, and offer a more professional look to your project
  • Velo Binding – Several small holes are punched through one edge of a booklet, and is held together by a plastic binding
  • Perfect Binding – This form of binding uses glue to adhere the pages together on one edge
  • Sewn Bindings – This binding technique actually sews the pages together, often used in classic binding jobs
  • Die-Cutting – This is the process of creating a metal plate that cuts a shape into a piece of paper
  • Foil Stamping – A printing process that uses a metal foil, such as gold or silver, to print words or images
  • Embossing – This is a process of printing images or words without color, but with just impressions in the paper
  • Shrink Wrapping – A way to cover projects or covers with a thin film of plastic

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