Variable Data Printing Services in NYC

VDP Printing – Effective Targeted Marketing

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is also known as Variable Information Printing (VIP or VI). It is a form of on-demand printing where elements such as text, graphics, and images can be changed, or varied, from one printed piece to the next. This process uses information from a database or external file without the need to slow down or stop the printing process.

Our variable data printing services allows for the modification and personalization of each copy in a print run with information targeted specifically to the intended recipient.

Sheer Print Solutions recommend customers consider VDP printing as part of their targeted marketing strategy.

In our experience, once marketers give it a try, they see dramatic results in the power of variable printing to grow ROI, expedite delivery of their message to market, improve customer relationships, build customer loyalty, do selective testing quickly and efficiently, and streamline and automate tasks to yield performance tracking.

Direct Marketers: Take Note…

According to a recent study, using personalized content in direct marketing produces incredible results. These statistics should make any marketer sit up and take note.

Direct Marketing:

  • Improves response rate
  • Increases average order size/value
  • Grows repeat orders/retention
  • Expands overall revenue/profit
  • Minimizes response time

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