Indigo Printing In NYC

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Sheer Print Solution’s printing services in New York City include the HP Indigo digital press printer, which is often described as having “hybrid” qualities, because the finished piece looks more like a lithographic offset print than a color copy. But what makes indigo printing so different? HP indigo digital printing press uses a liquid ink called ElectroInk, which uses an electrical charge to control the location of the print particles like other toner-based machines. The advantages of this liquid ink, over powdered toner, are that the particle size is much smaller. At 1-2 microns, ElectroInk produces sharp images, better solids, and uniform glossing or layering of the ink.

Indigo Printing Press Services

Offering some of the most advanced printing in NYC, the HP Indigo digital press printer is also the only digital press that can run true spot colors for branding and PMS matching. In collaboration with PANTONE®, HP Indigo developed the broadest PANTONE-licensed solutions to achieving the desired spot color. They added the ability to run 6- or 7- colors in one pass, and also extended the base color options to include high-fi colors like orange, violet, reflex blue, rhodamine red, bright yellow, and transparent. This means the HP Indigo digital press printer gives more vibrant colors, and a larger range of matching PMS colors.

Being a true digital machine, the indigo can run variable data, where the images and text can vary from sheet to sheet. The HP indigo printing press can also print white ink, envelopes, and more!
The best part:  HP only continues to innovate and advance digital printing technology, and Sheer Print Solutions works to provide our customers with this outstanding quality printing, and the widest color gamut at affordable prices.

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