How to Find the Best Commercial Printing Services in New York?

Be Selective! You have high criteria for selecting business partners; your commercial printer is no exception! In today’s ever-changing digital and economic climates, how do you assure yourself that you’ve found the best commercial printer in New York? How do you evaluate a relationship for commercial printing services in NYC? It’s more than just quality! […]

Tips to Design and Print Marketing Materials

Printed marketing materials are how businesses connect with customers. Whether you’re a B2B (business to business) operation, or a B2C (business to customer) enterprise, it’s common knowledge that designing and printing effective marketing materials is a top priority for any business owner. The printed marketing materials you use to promote your business or product are […]

Tips for Creating Large Format Graphics

You’ve got to print signage for a trade show. Or, you’ve got something else really big to print. Some of the most common uses for large format graphics are: Billboards Large wall signs Large window decals Your boss has tasked you with getting the job done. Afterwards, you’re going to need it printed. Easy right? […]

Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing

For most people outside of the printing industry, you may have never heard these terms before. Offset printing and digital printing are the two practices that dominate most all commercial printing services, and they accomplish different things. At Sheer Print Solutions, we specialize in both types of printing for our customers to ensure we provide […]

5 Magazine Printing Tips

The world of magazine publishing is alive and well, even amid all the focus on online content. Every day new publications are coming to life, but not all have the right idea. Quality magazine printing is one factor that many new publishers have trouble with. Which service will deliver the best results at the best […]

The Benefits of Short Run Printing

You’re getting ready to print a book, magazine, manual, postcard, or some other type of physical paper asset. Most printers will only allow you to order large quantities of print materials because the cost for them is low. They might even say the price is lower for you, which makes it automatically a better choice. […]

Brand Packaging 101: Using Product Packaging to Boost Brand Awareness

Brand packaging should always be a major part of your marketing strategy. In addition to helping you strengthen your branding efforts and further bolster your brand identity, product packaging tells consumers a lot about who you are. It speaks not only about the product itself, but to the value of that product and its origins. […]

3 Trends in Print Media That You Should Know About

Trends in print media come and go. And while it might have seemed like the introduction of the digital age would have heralded the end of print marketing as we know it, modern printing trends highlight the best of what can happen when you combine digital innovations with traditional print techniques. Print is always going […]

What Are The Benefits of Digital Printing?

With recent advancements in the speed and quality of digital presses, the many benefits of digital printing are beginning to close the gap on traditional offset printing. For small-run jobs with quick turn-around, digital presses can offer tons of advantages including options for personalization. What Is Digital Printing? Digital printing is the process of applying […]

A Guide to Designing Your Real Estate Marketing Materials

In today’s real estate market, a solid marketing strategy is key. Convey your reliability, hard work, and overall brand with a high-quality design across your printed marketing materials. Color & font Design starts with the basics: what colors do you want representing you and what persona would you like to convey with your text? When […]