The Subtle Art of Impression: Blind Embossing for Sophisticated Branding

If you are planning a gala or wedding, you may want to hint at the elegant celebration to come with some blind-embossed invitations. Striking and lovely, guests opening their blind-embossed invite will experience the tone and theme before setting foot in the venue. This unique printing technique offers an exquisite touch to your event’s first […]

Binding Brilliance: Unveiling the Secrets of Bookbinding Stitches for Your Next Project

Introduction Every book tells a story, not just through its words but also through its binding. Whether it’s for frequently handled textbooks or for special editions that demand stunning visual impact, the right binding stitch is crucial in setting the book’s character. From practical saddle stitching to the elegant finesse of decorative stitches, each technique […]

Full-Bleed Printing: What It Is & Why You Need It

There are a wide range of different printing options available, including full-bleed and no-bleed. Learning what sets these two apart is a vital component when it comes to choosing the perfect printing option for your particular project. Read on to learn all about what it means to do a full bleed print job, along with […]

Difference Between Flyers and Posters

Many people wrongly assume that the terms ‘flyer’ and ‘poster’ mean basically the same thing. However, there are several differences between them, as the best commercial printer in New York, Sheer Print Solutions, will soon point out! Therefore, be sure you know what type of printout you actually need before you place and receive an […]

Should You Emboss or Deboss your Next Print Job

When it comes to printing, there is a lot more to know than if you want your prints to be in color or black and white. In fact, there are so many different choices that the average person could never hope to guess them all. So, what advantage does this give you? Not only can […]

Advantages of Custom Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis is becoming more widely accepted and available around the world. If you own a cannabis company, custom cannabis packaging is an effective way to promote your dispensary’s brand and keep your products safe. Cannabis flower packaging is an important part of the cannabis industry, as it stands to be a representation of your dispensary’s […]

Metal Business Card Printing

Imagine for a second the type of business card you usually get. It contains all the pertinent info, but it also gets beaten up very easily. Before you know it, the card will become torn or crinkled, and it won’t slip easily into your rolodex. Unfortunately, this process has happened again and again for years, […]

Double-Sided Printing vs. Single-Sided Printing: Which is Better for Your Business?

Something that always seems to perplex business owners is whether they should select double-sided printing or single-sided printing. There are, of course, pros and cons to either approach, but which one is better overall? By the end of this article, it should be a lot simpler to decide! Pros and cons of double-sided printing Also […]

Benefits of Using Professional Digital Printing Services

Businesses in NYC need high-quality printing services for many reasons. A business uses printed materials to help create a professional image and to enhance its marketing materials. The quality of printed media has a significant impact on a brand’s image and can influence the effectiveness of marketing materials. It is essential that NYC businesses have […]

The Importance of Abrasion Resistance in Printed Materials

Abrasion is something that printers take very seriously. Abrasion diminishes the quality of the finished product, and it can make labels and barcodes illegible. To avoid these issues and prevent abrasion, printers choose their materials with great care. They check abrasion test results from organizations like the International Electrotechnical Commission and Underwriters Laboratories, and they […]