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Cosmetic Packaging Printing

In today’s world, beauty speaks. Visual imagery, especially when it comes to print, has never been bigger in advertising.
A single, well-chosen image can profoundly influence a future customer’s opinion of your product or service. For the beauty industry designers, product managers, and start-up creators, a model printed in breathtaking detail can catch the eye of a passerby.
At Sheer Print Solutions, we understand the power of print in beauty. We’ve been a vendor of choice for NYC cosmetics and beauty projects and product launches for decades. For us, it’s not old hat – it’s inspiring.

Packaging is Product

The cosmetics and beauty industry focuses on enhancing people’s appearance and well-being. Its customers want to feel proud, and its models use it on the catwalk. High-quality cosmetic packaging printing reflects the care and pride you take in building your brand, and creating your products. How you look in print shows you’ve taken the time and effort to invest in your brand, and this makes the packaging itself a reflection of that.
If your brand is beautiful, people respond. And if your packaging is produced well enough, it becomes almost as attractive as the product’s own features.
Lush, high-resolution labels direct your customer to a product’s benefits and features. A model’s glare, perfectly printed, gives consumers a rush.
Images connect your customer’s attention to your product. Gorgeous print sitting on a retail shelf will turn heads.

Great packaging is a Standard in the Beauty and Cosmetics Industry

You’re selling products and services that are intended to make people look and feel great. And you want it to catch the eye of your customers as they walk down the aisle. Good packaging is sometimes offset, or not properly printed. It may pass, but it’s less likely to compete with all the other major brands vying for your customer’s attention. Maybelline and MAC come to mind.
That means you need to grab at the attention of those window-shoppers, and impress first-time buyers when they open the box. Value, and the impact your product has on your customers, is expressed first in the packaging.

We at Sheer understand how perfectly-executed color, trim, and alignment snags at a customer’s peripheral vision. An object of beauty itself, packaging embodies the benefits you want the product to impart on the customer.

Aesthetics of the Industry

The beauty market relies on high aesthetics – from the models that appear in advertising to the product labels and packaging. You’re selling products and services that are intended to make people look and feel great. Those in the beauty and cosmetics industry rely on Sheer Print Solutions because we understand that everything – the color, the trim, the alignment, the resolution, the registration – has to be exact, exact, exact – every single time – whether it’s 5 banners or 500 POP displays or 50,000 labels. We’ve got the experience and knowhow to make you look great so you can make your customers look even better!

Versatility of Cosmetic Packaging Printing

Whether you’re printing packaging, creating a magazine, developing POP signage or crafting a sample demo, we’re there to serve you with all your print needs. Our printing specialists will work with you to meet your most exacting standards and keep you coming back for more. Our success is built on the success of our clients. The more successful you are, the more successful we are.

Taking Your Product to the Next Level

As with any other business, the cosmetics and beauty industries are in a constant race to the top, always trying to outdo and outshine one another.
And if you’re in NYC, Sheer is here for you.
Our print specialists are craftsmen when art is involved. Cosmetic packaging – like the product itself – should be a thing of beauty. Discover the Sheer difference – on-time delivery, a technology-driven pursuit to print the sharpest images, and a passion for producing quality work for your customers.

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