Short Run Offset Printing in New York City

Short-run offset printing means we can produce a small number of books, postcards, brochures, booklets, manuals, posters & direct mail projects quickly and affordable while maintaining the highest-quality standards. Short-run printing minimizes your storage requirements and keeps your financial investment much lower than traditional offset printing. Whether you need 10 units or 1,000 units Sheer Print Solutions can print and deliver them for you in as little as 2 days. If you need additional copies, we can print them even quicker.

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Questions & Answers About Short Run Offset Printing in NYC

Short Run Publishing sounds too good to be true.

It is true. Today, just as technology continues to advance with cellular phones and DVD players, short-run publishing technology has never been so easy and cost-effective.

Why don’t all printers offer Short Run Printing?

In a word, profits. Most companies want to oversell you on quantity, so they may not offer short runs.

Are short-run printing prices competitive?

Short-run printing often will save you money. When analyzing the costs, be sure to factor in shipping, warehousing, and costs incurred printing a conventional offset project. If you print 2,500 books at a cost of $3.40 per book ($8,500 total), what would your cost be per book if you only sell 500 copies? $17.70 per book! Short-run publishing gives you the option to print smaller quantities and affordably test your market.

I am concerned about what quantity to print. Can short-run publishing help?

Short-run publishing gives you the ability to print runs as small as 10 units. You can determine the market demand for your project before you invest in printing 2,000 or more units.

If Short Run Printing cost more money per unit, why would I want to print a smaller run?

Most companies have difficulty determining whether their product will sell in certain economic downturns, or if their target audience will bite.

Short-run printing gives them the ability to test the market with a smaller investment. It’s a system trusted by large corporations, such as McDonald’s. They test market each new product they develop. Once they have determined the success of their new product, they can decide the most profitable path to take.

What happens if my short run delivers quick results and response rates, Can I get more quickly?

The beauty of short-run printing is that we can produce more quickly and even move to an offset run if you need.

What happens if I want to take my short-run files and print a large run?

No problem. All of our files are in state-of-the-art computer software files that translate easily to most press environments. In most cases, there are no additional setup fees or alterations necessary.